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A Printed Circuit Board Design Service Bureau. Specializing in High-End PCB Design.

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A group of dedicated, professional, PCB Design Engineers committed to being the INDUSTRY LEADER in PCB Design and it's related technologies. Active members of the Long Island IPC Designers Council. More about us...

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Our Engineering capabilities include Printed Circuit Board Design and Documentation of both Analog, Digital and Mixed Technology circuitry, with emphasis on Quality, DFM and DFT. Single, double and multi-layer using both PTH and SMD technology, IPC-222x Series Standards. We are experienced in Type 1A through 2Y Class 1, 2 & 3 PCB's with Controlled Impedance, Differential Pairs, Matched Net Lengths, BGA and uBGA Technologies . We regularly design in the 600-700Mhz Ranges and have experienced 5Ghz+ boards. Software used for Schematic Capture and for Board Design includes: Orcad Scematic Capture, PADS Logic, PADs PowerPCB, PCAD200X, Cooper & Chyan SPECCTRA Router. Mechanical Design capabilities on AutoCAD.

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PCB Designs Unlimited, Inc.

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